Getting colours the way we want is partly an art, and it is a definite science. To address the problem of colour management and the lack of colour consistent printing, the Institute of Multimedia Education (IME), conducted a free two day workshop for colour labs.

Epson Sri Lanka agent Debug joined us as the print media partner and Mr Saffroon Zulkifly, the Manager of the Epson large format painter division of Debug handled the event organization. The event was held at the Debug/Epson Auditorium

All the IME faculty members were present and Mr Hemantha Arunasiri of IME provided the introduction and explained the purpose behind the workshop series. He mentioned how IME would like to help the industry by being the resource organization on colour management. Dr Dinil Abeygunawardane of IME conducted the training session.



Most of the well known colour labs participated in the event. We started with the concept of colour and the genesis of colour; went into the basic scientific aspect of human colour perception, discussed about computers and colour as well.

On the second day we ended up by making a print to demonstrate the practical application of all the theoretical knowledge we discussed about.




We hope everyone present will come on board and implement colour managed work-flows for their printing to uplift the photography industry in Sri Lanka.


Images by : Chiranmayu Medis & Lakshitha Somarathna