Institute of Multimedia Education (IME)


In a fast paced world where everything, except bodily functions, depends on information exchange we need to be competent Visual Story Tellers, Designers and Audio Producers to get our messages through to our audiences amidst the incessant chatter and noise.

At IME, we teach how to create visual and audio communications in a way that our students would be able to use what they learn as everyday skills to make effective and narrative photos, videos, graphics or audios that resonate with their audiences.


Institute of Multimedia Education (IME) is a privately owned institute dedicated to education, research and enterprise on human communication via modern multimedia platforms.

At IME we study, learn, research and teach about Still Imagery, Photography, Videography, Cinematography, Design, Graphics, Imaging Science, Audio Production and Printing.

We have designed our courses concentrating on the integrated process of learning with the end goal of making effective visual and audio communicators who can compete at the world stage.


Humans perceive the exterior world by processing the information fed to their brains via their sensory organs.

Studying, researching, learning and understanding the basics of  how this process happens from capturing data to feeding them to the human brain is the only way to communicate effectively though these platforms.

At IME, we strive to understand the nuts and bolts of this process in order to repackage and deliver them to our students for them to become the most effective  communicators in their chosen fields.


Our Staff consists of highly capable individuals who have a deep understanding about what they talk about and teach. We have a well balanced team of Trainers to cover the scientific, artistic, business, legal and ethical aspects of all the disciplines we teach at the Institute of Multimedia Education.

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We need to feed our brains in a certain way for it to grasp and retain information.  At IME, we have designed our courses not just to inundate our students with information but to ensure they retain what has been taught and our courses are filled with activities to consolidate the knowledge as applicable skills.