General Instructions

Primary mission of the Institute Multimedia Education (IME) is to support and engage learning, teaching & researching activities related to communicating via media and multimedia platforms. This page provides a brief outline of the policies that may be related to the general public and the prospective students. If you require further information we advise you to contact the institute via the contact page.

  1. We expect students to spend 2 - 2.5 hours on home work for each hour spent in the class. This is the minimum time a student must spend to have a chance of achieving the expected level of competency after following a course designed by IME.
  2. We expected your behaviour and attire to be within the expected norms for a Sri Lankan Educational Institute. Kindly note that some of our classes are held at the premises of other educational institutes and that we have to abide by their rules as well.
  3. No food and drinks are allowed inside the classes except for a bottle of water.
  4. IME is a approved by Google as an educational institute and therefore we use the Google Apps for Education/G Suite for Education for assignments. All uses of G Suite must abide by the terms of services as specified by Google and violation of those terms will be considered as violation of IME policies. Click Here for G Suite Terms of Service

Payments & Fees

  1. Course fees must either be paid in full prior to the commencement of the courses.
  2. Or the fees must be paid prior to the date specified on the payment instructions if paid in instalments.
  3. Late payment fees apply for the delayed instalment payments.
  4. Maximum number of weeks allowed for the delayed payments (late payment fees apply) is two weeks.

Behaviour and Conduct

  1. Basic human decency and respect for fellow students and staff is expected at all times.
  2. IME has a zero tolerance policy against aggressive behaviour, bullying and all sorts of discriminations. Those who are found to be guilty will be asked to leave and the course fee will be forfeited.
  3. Aggression against IME staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  4. If a student feels he or she is discriminated or bullied by another student or a staff member, the student or the guardian must immediately alert the Director of IME or the Chairman of the board of education.

Examinations and Assessments

  1. Fee paying students who follow courses above or at the advanced certificate, but below the higher diploma level, have the options of following the courses without facing examinations and assessments to receive a ‘Certificate of Participation’
  2. IME Scholarship holders and the students who have received special educational discounts do not have the participation only option. Those students must make at least two valid and reasonable attempts, as deemed valid and reasonable by the board of examinations of IME, to obtain the advanced certificate or higher qualification. Failing to do so will necessitate paying back the full tuition fee or the granted special discount to the Institute of Multimedia Education.
  3. An academic transcript will be sent to the employers who directly sponsor their students for Institute of Multimedia Education courses.
  4. All exams, where applicable, will be held as per guidelines specified by the Department of Examinations and the Tertiary and Vocational Training Commission of Sri Lanka.
  5. Penalties for breach of conduct during examinations as per specifications of the institutes specified above.
  6. IME has a zero tolerance policy for copying, stealing and plagiarism and those students proven to be guilty will be expelled and the course fee will be forfeited.

Media Usage

  1. Photographing or taking videos inside the classrooms, except for coursework, is not allowed.
  2. Audio or video recording teaching sessions, keeping them or distributing them is strictly prohibited.
  3. Course notes provided by IME are for personal usage of the students. Copying and distributing those notes are strictly prohibited.
  4. Anyone who needs to take photos or videos or audio recordings inside the classrooms must take prior permission by submitting a written explanations as to why the recording are needed.


  1. IME will collect your personal and contact information when you register for IME courses or enquire about the courses.
  2. IME may collect your contact information at various IME Events, Seminars and Workshops or during IME marketing campaigns via IME website, partner websites and various social media platforms.
  3. IME will not share your personal information or your performance records with third parties unless you instruct us to do so in writing or we are legally obliged to provide the information.
  4. IME will not share your contact information with third parties.
  5. IME will only use collected contact information to send course or event details as well as the IME newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time by contacting us or by clicking the unsubscribe button on the newsletter.