Macro & Close-up Photography


  • Understand the basic concepts of Macro Photography
  • Learn how to magnify for output
  • Learn how and when to use various Macro Techniques
  • Learn how to choose your gear to suit different subjects
  • Understand the controlling of each of the involved elements to get the results
  • Learn the basics of Macro Lighting 

Course Duration

  • 4 Classes
  • 4 Hours x 4 (16 hours)

Course Description

  • All classes are interactive multimedia experiences
  • Hands on training on all the scenarios taught in the class
  • Certificate of participation will be awarded to participants with 100% attendance

Intended Audience

  • Photographers who wish to understand the basics of science and techniques of macro photography to master it
  • Professional Photographers who are into scientific photography
  • Scientists, Designers or Craftsmen who want to photograph small objects (NB: Basic knowledge in photography is required to follow this course)

Medium of Instruction

  • Sinhala
  • English medium course will commence during the second semester - Register your interest here

Course Schedule

  • To be announced

Required Equipment

  • A DSLR or a Modern Mirrorless Camera
  • A laptop with Adobe Lightroom installed
  • A macro lens is recommended, or else the participants should at least have a normal lens and extension tubes
  • A stable tripod is highly recommended


Basic Macro Concepts

  • What is Macro Photography
  • Why is Macro important
  • How Macro differs from other types of Photography

Macro Techniques

  • Unique problems related to Macro and ways to overcome them
  • Various shooting techniques
  • Understanding and Mastering Macro gear
  • Controlling the subjects
  • Controlling the shooting environment

Macro Lighting

  • Unique lighting problems related to Macro Photography
  • Macro lighting strategies
  • Macro lighting gear
  • How to improvise your own Macro lights 

Post-processing and Software

  • Special post processing requirements unique to Macro Photography
  • Macro post processing techniques
  • Capturing the images to suit post processing
  • Special Macro Photography Software

Educational/Enrolment Requirements

  • Prior participation in Basic, Advanced or Diploma Course by IME, Or
  • Proof of competency in areas of basic camera handling and exposure. A good understanding about lighting or participation in Basic or Advanced lighting course by IME

Getting the best out of this course

  • As in all other courses by IME, we expect students to spend 2 hours on homework for each hour spent in the class
  • Participation in all classes is expected to get the best out of the course and 100% attendance is required for the certificate of participation
  • We expect participants to have equipment as described in the course overview section

Enrolment Process

  • A limited number of students will be enrolled per class
  • Positions are given on first come first serve basis
  • Students need to choose a payment option and must make the payment to secure a placement


Course Fee: Rs. 17,500.00 (Rupees Seventeen Thousand Five Hundred )

  • Eligible for 5% discount if paid two weeks prior to the course.
  • Discounted fee is Rs. 16,625.00

Making Payments

  • Payments can be made in person, to our bank account or via credit card (this option is currently being developed)
  • A reference number is required to deposit money to our bank account and should be stated on the deposit slip
  • Reference numbers can be obtained by contacting our Registrar or filling out the following form

Contact Numbers

  • 011 309 4300
  • 077 415 1065
  • 071 274 5005
  • 077 762 5140