Quick Start to Digital Photography


  • This course will give the beginners the basic skills required to start exploring the craft of photography in a serious way. The course is carefully designed to give the participants an overall idea of the image making process and is delivered by the expert faculty of the Institute of Multimedia Education.

Course Duration

  • Ten Sessions
  • 2 hours x 10   (20 hours of teaching and training)

Course Description

  • All classes are interactive multimedia experiences
  • There will be hands on training in core areas
  • Certificate of participation will be awarded to participants who fulfill the attendance requirements

Intended Audience

  • Anyone who wants to take better pictures and begin to explore photography seriously

Medium of Instruction

  • Sinhala


Course Schedule

  • Saturday 09th February 2019, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Royal College Union Skills Centre - Colombo 07

Required Equipment

  • A camera with manual controls for aperture, shutter speed and ISO(A DSLR or a Modern Mirrorless Camera is recommended)
  • A laptop with Adobe Lightroom installed recommended to get the maximum out of editing classes, but not a must
  • An electronic flash unit or a strobe light with a triggering mechanism or a continuous light source, to get the maximum out of lighting classes recommended

Communicating through images & the Usage of Camera

  • What makes a good image
  • Understanding the components of a good image
  • Components of the camera and how to use them
  • Using the camera correctly and effectively

Setting the Exposre Right

  • The concept of exposure
  • Finding out the right exposure


  • Types of lenses
  • Depth of Field
  • Try our different lenses in the class
  • Using lenses
  • Choosing lenses based on requirements


  • What makes a photo appealing
  • Conventions
  • Simple composition guidelines

Outdoor Shooting

  • Practical usage of acquired knowledge
  • Guided hands on training in the filed

Editing Basics & Evaluation of Images

  • Evaluation of images made during the course
  • Training on how to present an image and simple editing demonstrations
  • Feedback and suggestions for improvement


Educational Requirements

  • None
  • Those who enroll for the English medium course need to have an adequate working knowledge of the language to follow the course

Getting the best out of this course

  • As in all other courses by IME, we expect students to spend 2 hours on homework for each hour spent in the class
  • Participation in all classes is expected to get the best out of the course and more than 85% attendance is required for the certificate of participation
  • We expect participants to have equipment as described in the course overview section

Enrolment Process

  • A limited number of students will be enrolled per class
  • Positions are given on first come first serve basis
  • Students need to choose a payment option and must make a payment to secure a placement

Course Fee

Total Investment: Rs 21,500.00 ( Rupees Twenty One Thousand Five Hundred)

Registration Fee: Rs 1500.00 ( Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred)

Course Fee: Rs 20,000.00 (Rupees Twenty Thousand)

Payment Instructions

  • A 5% (five percent) discount will be applied to payment of full course fee two weeks prior to the starting date.
  • Course fee can be paid in two equal installments of Rs 10,000.00 (conditions apply)
  • Late payment fees apply

Making Payments

  • Payments can be made in person or to our bank account
  • A reference number is required to deposit money to our bank account and should be stated on the deposit slip
  • Reference numbers can be obtained by contacting our Registrar or filling out this form

Contact Numbers

  • 011 30 94 300

  • 077 415 1065


  • Email: info@ime.edu.lk