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IME Photographer of the Year - Terms, Conditions and Rules

IME Photographer of the Year is a year round competition organised and conducted by the Institute of Multimedia Education. Final winners who receive the IME scholarship and the other prizes are chosen based on the overall performances during the entire competition.

1. Segments

Competition has two segments

  • IME Photographer of the year - PEOPLE

  • IME Photographer of the year - NATURE

2. Competition Overview

  1. Each segment of the competition has five rounds.
  2. Each round starts at the beginning of every other month and runs for two months.
  3. During the two month period the competitors are allowed to upload images.
  4. Top 10 images will be selected and published two weeks after the conclusion of each round.
  5. Topic and rules pertaining to the rounds are announced one day prior to the beginning of a round.
  6. Overall winner is chosen based on the performance in each of the rounds.
  7. Any registered contestant can participate in any number on rounds.
  8. Only those who participate in three or more rounds will be considered for the final round.

3. Prizes (Minimum Winner’s Prize value per segment Rs 178,000.00*)

IME Scholarships (Value Rs 78,000.00*)

Cash Prizes (Rs 100,000.00 each per segment)

Winner of each segment will receive Rupees One Hundred Thousand** (Rs 100,000.00)
** Winner needs to prove the identity and must attend the awards ceremony in person to receive the cash prize. Maximum publicity will be given to the winner’s achievement. Winner must agree to participate in all the publicity activities.

IME Scholarships

Winner of each segment will receive an IME scholarship to follow two courses by IME

  • Advanced course in general photography
  • Advanced specialisation course in lighting or any other course of winner’s choice free of charge*
    * Time will depend on availability


IME Photographer of the Year Shield

  • Winner of each segment will receive the IME Photographer of the Year Shield


IME Photographer of the Year Certificates

  • All winners will receive valuable certificates specifying their achievement
  • All monthly winners (top ten images of the month)  will be receive certificates specifying their achievements.


Books and Educational Materials

  • Each overall winner will receive a copy of Wildlife Coffee Table Book Repertoire.
  • Each overall winner will receive a copy of Roopana Sankalpa, a book analysing reading, deconstructing and reconstructing visual communications.

Prizes from Partners

  • In addition to the above the winners will receive prizes provided by partnering organizations. Details will be revealed when the prizes are finalized

4. Support Workshops

IME along with the partners of the competition will hold support workshops for certain topics that will be given for some of the rounds.

5. Competition Ownership

The owner of the competition is the Institute of Multimedia Education (IME)

6. Entering the Competition

  1. Any Sri Lankan citizen above the age of 18 can participate in this competition. If you are below 18 click here
  2. Competition is also open to residents of Sri Lanka above the age of 18 provided that they are going to be in the country during the entire period of the competition.
  3. IME owners and family members, staff members & their family members, associates of the IME, owners of partnering organization and their family members are not allowed to take part in the competition.
  4. All entrants must register & agree to conditions of the competition by filling out the online form or by sending us the registration details.
  5. An entrant is allowed to submit one image per round as per specified guidelines.
  6. Only those who enter images into three (03) or more rounds will be considered for IME Photographer of the year final round.

7. Competition Periods



8. Copyright & Reproduction

You must be the sole author and owner of the copyright and publishing rights of all images entered.
You will retain copyright of your entries at all time and always be credited alongside your picture.
By entering your images into the competition, you grant permission to the Institute of Multimedia Education for a non-exclusive licence to reproduce the images in any format for the following purposes:

  1. Judging the competition.
  2. Displaying at the exhibition of the winning entries held at a venue chosen by IME within Sri Lanka or overseas for an indefinite time period.
  3. Inclusion within the exhibition interactive elements owned by IME or third parties. (now known or hereafter created)
  4. Inclusion within the promotional materials of the competition and exhibition and the awards ceremony.
  5. Inclusion within the IME publications.
  6. inclusion (if selected as one of the promotional images) within the marketing and promotional material of IME and other partnering organisations.

9. Declaration of truth

When uploading photographs, all photographers will be asked to declare that the images they are submitting comply with the competition rules and that the information they have provided is true and accurate.

10. Liability

All entries are sent at the photographer’s risk. The Institute of Multimedia Education does not accept liability for any loss or damage of any images entered in the competition (howsoever caused) nor for any other loss or damage resulting there from.

11. Legal Issues

You must have all the publishing rights of entered images in addition to copyrights. It is the responsibility of the participating photographers to have model releases and rights releases wherever applicable. IME will not accept nor entertain rights claims with regards to competition images. Those claims, if presented, will be redirected the relevant photographer by our legal team.

If there are any third party claims inclusive of but not limited to violation of rights, breach of law and defamation, the photographer by entering their images to the competition agrees to indemnify the Institute of Multimedia Education.

12. Ethical Guidelines

We advise you to stay within the bounds of accepted decency when capturing and sending images for the competition. IME will individually assess each of the images and remove those deem unsuitable for publishing via an unrestricted public platform.

13. Judging

Competition will be judged by three or more senior faculty members of IME .

The decisions by panel of judge and IME on all matters relating to the competition will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into concerning the competition’s judging and organisation. Should the quality of entries fall below the standard required, the IME reserves the right not to award prizes.

14. Rules & guidelines for images

  1. Winning images from other competitions, images that have been selected into other competitions or exhibited in the past are not allowed.
  2. Scanned transparencies (Negatives or Slides) may be entered as JPEG files.
  3. Watermarks on images are not allowed. Images with watermarks will be rejected.
  4. Compositing, sandwiching shots, in camera double or multiple exposures are not allowed.
  5. Cropping is allowed. However the entrants are advised to be mindful of image size guidelines and requirements for printing if selected as a segment or an overall winner.
  6. Cleaning, removing dust spots, global adjustments, minor dodging and burning and sharpening is allowed.
  7. Monthly winners must be able to submit the original RAW file, untouched JPEG file (if shot in JPEG format), original negative or slide, as well as the edited JPEG, TIFF or PSD file when requested. (Transparencies can be collected by competitors in person or they will be sent back via registered post)
  8. One contestant is allowed to enter only one image per round.
  9. An image cannot be entered more than once.
  10. All images must be in colour unless specified at the beginning of a round.
  11. Black & White images are only permitted when categorically specified in a round.
  12. Images must have been taken within the six months immediately prior to the closing date of a round.

15. Rules applicable to Wildlife Segment

  1. Images of domestic animals, farm animals, cultivated plants do not qualify as wildlife images.
  2. Wildlife behaviour in domestic or cultivated environments may be accepted. Such images will be evaluated by judges on case by case basis. Eg: A butterfly on a domestic plant/flower may be accepted provided that the butterfly is the primary subject.
  3. No live baiting is allowed.
  4. Images of captive animals are not accepted.
  5. If animal cruelty or unethical practices are suspected those entries will be disqualified.
  6. In addition to the rules specified in section 14 above, cloning out parts of images is not allowed.
  7. A faithful representation of what was captured at the time of the shot being taken is expected as the entry to the competition. Any entry suspected not to be a faithful representation will be rejected by the judges.

16. Digital Guidelines

  1. Images should be submitted as JPEG files with no interpolation applied. Save the JPEGs at the highest possible quality setting in your image editing software.
  2. For the initial submission, images must be 2400 px on the longer aspect. Images must have been taken at a sufficiently high resolution camera.
  3. Judging will be done on calibrated and profiled, high end ,wide colour gamut monitors.
  4. Convert your images to sRGB colour space before saving as JPEG files.

17. Submitting Images

  1. Images can only be submitted in the format specified in Digital Guidelines section.
  2. Images are accepted via following methods
    a. Upload to our server via the upload page
    b. Post on a CD/DVD (Will not be returned)
    c. Drop off at one of our collecting stations
  3. Your Registration Number, Full Name, ID or Passport Number and Email Address must be mentioned when uploading or sending images. Please download the registration form if you are posting or dropping off images. CD/DVDs must be in a sealed envelop with the registration form. The CDs should be marked with a CD Marking Pen with following details
    a. Registration number (after the first round)
    b. Full Name
    c. NIC/Passport Number
    d. Round/Topic
  4. IME will provide specific links for each of the rounds in each of the segments to upload images
  5. You are advised to select the correct segment before uploading

Please visit this page to register for the competition