Institute of Multimedia Education is excited and absolutely honoured to be powered by Google.

Today our application has got approved by Google for us to use Google Apps for Education. This allows us to use, Google Mail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts and most importantly Google Classroom to better serve our students.

This cutting edge platform will allow us to deliver content, give assignments, collect and mark those assignments, all online. Google apps for education also allows us to use Google hangouts through our domain for us to have video conferences if we need to.

Over the next few weeks the Google training partners will show us the ropes and train our team to use the platform to its maximum potential. Once we are well trained we will start to deliver some of our homework and assignments via this platform and our students will be able to be in contact with us outside the class hours if they wish to. Assignments will be fun and we will be able to asses them as they get uploaded.

We applied for this service because we want to deliver the absolute best to our students and we sincerely thank Google for empowering us.