Piyadasa Ratnasinghe

Mr Piyadasa Ratnasinghe, a veteran in the field of Television & Electronic Media, started his career at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) in 1969, following a short stint as a teacher after graduating from Vidyodaya (Sri Jayawardenapura) University.

Mr Ratnasinge was then absorbed to Sri Lanka Rupavani Corporation (SLRC) even before the official opening of SLRC where he created history by directing the very first documentary as well as the music video of the Sri Lankan Television industry.

At SLBC he was responsible for educational & children’s programs at Channel One, (Swadeshiya sevaya). The program ‘Gurukulaya’ was one of the most popular programs among teenagers. After joining SLRC as a producer he was promoted to Assistant Director, Planning and Presentation within a very short period of time. He created the program ‘Ayubowan’ several new talent programs and he was allowed to work as a producer and produce programs while working at the managerial level.

Mr Ratnasinghe has been trained in electronic media in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, and several other countries and he was a trainer of electronic media trainers.

During the 1971 crisis, 1983 ‘Black July’ & 1988/89 insurgency Mr Ratnasinghe was given the responsibility of looking after the continuity of transmission by the management of SLBS & SLRC. During his career, he has worked with many international organisations such as ABU, CBA, International Advertising Association & SAARC Audio Visual Exchange program where he served as an internal juror as well

He is a creative writer and a translator and has written and translated several books. 

He is a Lecturer, Course Director, and Electronic Media Course Designer for Institute of Multimedia Education.

Contributes to following courses

  • All Videography Courses
  • Lighting
  • Videography for Field Productions and Social Media Course
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