Deshan Karunarathna

Mr Deshan Karunarathna, a Lecturer and a Project Manager for Institute of Multimedia Education has had experience in human resource development training, designing of evaluation systems,  and coordinating research, prior to joining IME, during his full time employments initially at HETC, a world bank project affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and then at University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka.

Mr Karunarathna got his B.Sc (Hons) from the University of Kelaniya and joined the Faculty of Science as a Demonstrator. Later he worked as Society Mobilisation Manger for Anurapura Develpment Foundation prior to joining HETC and later UGC.

Mr Karunarathna is a skilled Photographer who has a deep understanding about the technical aspects of photography, lighting and colour. His skills extend to art and painting as well as computer technologies and programming languages.

Contributes to following courses and areas

  • All General Photography Courses
  • Lighting
  • Colour Management
  • Digital Asset Management 
  • Course Development
  • Process Development
  • Project Management
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