Photography for School Children


  • Give your kids a chance to learn a life skill of the modern world
  • Give the children a solid scientific foundation on the craft and art of photography
  • Make your kids competent visual communicators and give them an opportunity to be evocative communicators
  • Let your kids to enjoy photography and give them a chance to relax while getting a life skill
  • Give your kids an opportunity to learn from some of the true greats in the field

Course Duration

  • 11 Classes
  • 2 Hours x 11 (22 hours)
  • 2 Outdoor sessions (Parent or a designated guardian must be present during the outdoor session)

Course Description

  • All classes are interactive or multimedia experiences
  • Hands on training and fun activities for kids to learn and enjoy photography
  • Two outdoor sessions where kids will practise the learned skills under the guidance of IME faculty
  • Certificate of participation will be awarded to participants with 90% attendance
  • Final session where images will be displayed and discussed will be open to parents

Intended Audience

  • School Children from 12 -15 yrs (Year 7 - Year 9)

Medium of Instruction

  • Wednesday 1500 - 1700 - Sinhala

Course Schedule

  • Next Intake - Wednesdays , January 2018 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Royal College Union Skills Centre

Required Equipment

  • A camera preferably with manual controls for Aperture, Shutter & ISO
  • Access to a computer at home for kids to edit images


The Language of Pictures

  • Having fun analysing the images
  • Understanding the components of images
  • Spot the good images
  • What makes an image good or bad

Getting comfortable with the Camera

  • Looking after the camera and camera safety
  • Changing camera settings and understanding the effects
  • Proper camera technique
  • Using camera with supports

How the camera works

  • Make a camera
  • Concept of capturing an image and the sensor
  • Sensor basics


  • The concept of exposure and EV
  • Controlling the exposure
  • Fun activities to understand exposure

Having fun with different lenses

  • Experience different lenses
  • Experiment with different lenses
  • Special purpose lenses
  • Shooting with different lenses

Composing Images

  • Components of images that make them look good
  • Applying the components that look good to make images
  • Fun experiments on composition

Editing & Presenting

  • Developing images to suit the presentation platform
  • Introduction to Adobe Lightroom
  • Basic concepts of editing
  • Presenting Images on different platform

Outdoor Sessions

  • Application of knowledge under the guidance of IME faculty
  • Fun outdoor exercises to consolidate classroom learning
  • Group activities and introduction to creative teamwork for production shoots

Educational Requirements

  • None

Getting the best out of this course

  • As in all other courses by IME, we expect students to spend a minimum of 2 hours on homework for each hour spent in the class. Parental help will be required for some of the homework activities
  • Participation in all classes is expected to get the best out of the course and more than 90% attendance is required to qualify for the certificate
  • We expect participants to have equipment as described in the course overview section

Enrolment Process

  • A limited number of students will be enrolled per course
  • Positions are given on first come first serve basis
  • Students need to choose a payment option and must make the payment to secure a placement


Course Fee: Rs. 19,800.00 (Nineteen Thousand Eight Hundred)

Payment Option 01 (Discount option)

  • Eligible for 5% discount if paid two weeks prior to the commencement of the course
  • Discounted Fee Rs. 18,810.00
  • Payment date to be eligible for discount – two weeks prior to starting date

Payment Option 02 (Easy Payment option)

  • Two equal payments of Rs 9,950.00
  • First payment to secure a place prior to the commencement of the course
  • Second payment to be paid prior to beginning of week 05

Making Payments

  • Payments can be made in person or to our bank account
  • A reference number is required to deposit money to our bank account and should be stated on the deposit slip
  • Reference numbers can be obtained by contacting one of the following numbers

Contact Numbers

  • 011 309 4300
  • 077 415 1065
  • 077 597 7060